'Parenthood' Is Ending, But the Bravermans Aren't Going Anywhere — Here's Where to Find Them Next

Like all Parenthood fans, it took me a long time to accept that my beloved show was coming to an end. No matter how many "farewell season" promos NBC aired or finale-worthy plotlines the show produced, I didn't come to terms with losing my Bravermans until just recently, when I stumbled across the trailer for Mae Whitman's new movie, The DUFF . Watching TV's best crier take center stage in her first starring film role made me realize that Parenthood's cast was starting to move on from the show — and if they could do it, then it was probably time that I tried to do the same.

And then I watched Zeek have a heart attack on last Thursday's episode, and all effort in separating myself from the series was promptly trashed in favor of freaked-out sobbing, Braverman style. So I may not be totally ready to move on from the show, but as for the cast members, I have a feeling they're doing just fine. From starring in movies to starting fashion lines, here's what the Parenthood stars have planned once the series ends.

Image: NBC

Lauren Graham

Now: Graham, best known for playing the world’s fastest-talking mom on Gilmore Girls, balances Parenthood with occasional film roles and forays into novel writing.

Up Next: A comedy co-starring Robin Williams called A Merry Friggin’ Christmas was just released to (very) negative reviews, and the TV show based off her novel didn’t get picked up, but have no fear; Graham just made funny appearances in two Web Therapy episodes and has a family film out in January ironically called Max .

Image: NBC

Peter Krause

Now: A TV veteran known for Sports Night and Six Feet Under, Krause has focused solely on Parenthood these last few years.

Up Next: Krause will star in Night Owls , a comedy set for 2015, alongside Tony Hale, Adam Pally, and his brief Parenthood co-star Rosa Salazar (remember Zoe?)

Image: NBC

Erika Christensen

Now: Playing Julia on Parenthood is Christensen’s biggest ever role, following parts in films like Traffic and TV series like The Geena Davis Show.

Up Next: The recently engaged Christensen has nothing currently in the works, but perhaps she’ll make a reappearance on Youtube’s The Impression Guys next season.

Image: NBC

Dax Shepard

Now: The actor behind the youngest Braverman sibling recently came off supporting roles in The Judge and This is Where I Leave You.

Up Next: An episode of Web Therapy will air in December, but Shepard’s biggest new project is writing, directing, and starring in a film version of the ’70s sitcom CHiPs .

Image: NBC

Sam Jaeger

Now: Jaeger had small roles in several movies and TV shows before landing the role of Joel in Parenthood.

Up Next: Plenty — Jaeger will appear in two highly-anticipated movies, Inherent Vice and American Sniper , before the year’s end, as well as two short films and a TV movie set for 2015.

Image: NBC

Monica Potter

Now: Best known for roles in Boston Legal and Patch Adams pre-Parenthood, Potter’s recent projects have been off-screen; she just started Monica Potter Home, a lifestyle site centered around home goods and DIY.

Up Next: There’s a short film in the works and a possible NBC sitcom (here’s hoping!), but it seems Potter’s focus is on building her fast-growing site.

Image: NBC

Ray Romano

Now: The former Everybody Loves Raymond star began appearing on Parenthood in 2012, and has been a regular cast member ever since.

Up Next: He scored the lead in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming HBO show, starring as a ’70s era record label exec alongside Olivia Wilde and Bobby Cannavale. There’s also Ice Age 5. Guess which one he’s more excited about?

Image: NBC

Joy Bryant

Now: The model/actress had a recent role in About Last Night, the successful remake of the 1986 rom-com.

Up Next: Early this year, Bryant and her husband founded Basic Terrain, a clothing company, and the spring collection is currently in the works.

Image: NBC

Craig T. Nelson

Now: The actor forever known as Coach has been keeping busy with his role as Zeek on Parenthood.

Up Next: I guess playing the same part for six years must get tiring, because Nelson’s next role sounds as far from Zeek as it gets; he’ll be co-starring in Get Hard , a Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy out in March.

Image: NBC

Bonnie Bedelia

Now: Like her TV husband, the former movie star’s recent focus has been solely on Parenthood.

Up Next: Nothing’s currently announced, but it most certainly won’t be a sequel to Die Hard .

Image: NBC

Mae Whitman

Now: A TV veteran at 26 (seriously, take a look at those credits), Whitman’s currently balancing Parenthood and some of her many voice roles.

Up Next: Where to start? There’s The DUFF, a high school comedy out next year, voice work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, another Tinkerbell movie, and a film called Rock Dog, among others. Safe to say Whitman’s going to be just fine.

Image: NBC

Miles Heizer

Now: Besides Parenthood, Heizer most recently appeared in the indie drama Rudderless.

Up Next: There’s a James Franco-starring film waiting for release, but Heizer’s current projects are all about music; he’s been releasing songs all year on his SoundCloud.

Image: NBC

Max Burkholder

Now: Like his co-star Mae Whitman, Burkholder does plenty of voice work in his spare time, for shows like Family Guy and American Dad!

Up Next: Hopefully, collecting an Emmy, but currently, the 17-year-old is set to star in Babysitter , a comedy about a teen in love with his — you guessed it — babysitter.

Image: NBC

Savannah Paige Rae, Tyree Brown, and Xolo Maridueña

Now: The other Braverman grandchildren, ages 11, 10, and 13, respectively, are all rising stars thanks to their roles in the show.

Up Next: Only Brown has something lined up, a role in the TV show Only Human, and the series didn’t get picked up for the fall. Still, I’m not too worried; after holding their own alongside their castmates for six years, these kids should have their pick of projects in the years to come.

Image: NBC