'Parenthood' Is Ending, But the Bravermans Aren't Going Anywhere — Here's Where to Find Them Next

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Like all Parenthood fans, it took me a long time to accept that my beloved show was coming to an end. No matter how many "farewell season" promos NBC aired or finale-worthy plotlines the show produced, I didn't come to terms with losing my Bravermans until just recently, when I stumbled across the trailer for Mae Whitman's new movie, The DUFF . Watching TV's best crier take center stage in her first starring film role made me realize that Parenthood's cast was starting to move on from the show — and if they could do it, then it was probably time that I tried to do the same.

And then I watched Zeek have a heart attack on last Thursday's episode, and all effort in separating myself from the series was promptly trashed in favor of freaked-out sobbing, Braverman style. So I may not be totally ready to move on from the show, but as for the cast members, I have a feeling they're doing just fine. From starring in movies to starting fashion lines, here's what the Parenthood stars have planned once the series ends.

Image: NBC

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