When Does 'Awkward' Season 5 Premiere? Let's Just Say, You'll Probably Have Time For Spring Break

Unfortunately, we have quite a bit of time before the final season of Awkward starts. Season 4 ends Nov. 25 and we are no closer to a Matty and Jenna reunion. All we know about Season 5 right now is that it will air some time in 2015. While there is no exact start date for the show, we can predict When Matty McKibben and the cast of Awkward will be back.

Based off of the past premiere dates of MTV's Awkward, we can expect that Season 5 will begin sometime in April or June of 2015. Plus, every season of the show has aired between mid-April and June. The last two years have seen Awkward premiere the second week of April, so that's likely when we can expect Awkward's final season. MTV hasn't announced any details for next season except for the fact that our favorite high school show will be coming to the end and the time frame will be post-spring break through graduation.

Speaking of graduation, it's terribly close and there are still so many things that need to happen, including a Matty McKibben and Jenna Hamilton reunion. Until next April, we can start attempting to figure out how the show is going to end. Either Jatty reunites or they all part as friends and go their separate ways for college. Both of those options sound pretty predictable, but at this point the show isn't exactly shocking us on the regular.

Still, there are three things that are bound to happen this season no matter what:

Stressful Final Exams

If we thought that Tamara was stressed out before, that was before finals at Palos Hills even began. She is going to be a catastrophic mess. Honestly, I could take this or leave this inevitability because I really need Tamara to calm down. She’s been out of her mind the last two seasons.

An Awkward Prom

I think that this is what we are most looking forward to, right? I know I am. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Matty and Jenna will find their way back to each other at the Prom because that’s where all high school shows and movies tend come to a classic end. Maybe there will even be a musical number — even though this isn’t the '90s and Usher isn't playing the prom DJ.

Palos Hills High School Graduation

Graduation is probably the second most exciting moment of the inevitable finale because that's when it hits you: this is it. And Palos Hills graduation will undoubtedly be emotional and filled with tears... and probably loads of Awkward moments.

All we have to do is hang in there for five (or so) months while we patiently await. Luckily you have four seasons you can marathon while you wait and hopefully they make the finale worth our while.

Images: MTV; Awkward-gifs/Tumblr (3)