When 'Awkward' Returns For Season 5, Matty & Jenna Need to Reunite Along With These 12 Other Things

We are in the final stretch of MTV's Awkward senior year and there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up before the final season of Awkward airs. Besides the fact that Matty and Jenna need to get back together by the end of the year (presumably at graduation), MTV needs to end the series on a high note, which has been kind of lacking over the last season. Now that Season 4 is about to end, it’s time to speculate about the final season of Awkward and what is to come on the series or at least what we hope happens before we say goodbye to Palos Hills High School forever.

The best place to start is where we left off: It's spring break and Matty just met his dad and I'll say it, Matty's dad is a pretty big loser. Gabby is back with Matty and they are all in Mexico. Jenna finally got into college and Sadie is getting ready to leave everyone and everything behind for New York City, including Sergio. Lissa has given up on God and is lashing out against her family because her dad is gay and finally Val is dating the sexy scuba instructor. Now that you are up-to-date with the drama (basically all the same drama from the past seasons), I'll start predicting what we have to see in the last season:

It needs to actually end

As much as I love Awkward, it's been majorly going downhill over the last season and it's time for it to end. No follow-up movies or very special holiday specials. I'm sorry to say, it's time to say goodbye.

Jake needs to grow a backbone

I would like to see Jake throw Tamara into a lake, personally. She's the worst and it's time for Jake to stand up to her and tell her so.

Sadie needs to relax

Seriously. She is out of control this season; she's so high-strung that it's not funny anymore. Someone needs to slip her a Xanax.

Valerie's Wedding

Val has found a sexy scuba diver and really needs to lock that down.

The adoption storyline has got to go

Seriously though, trying to give Matty McKibben more of a storyline than being perfect is not what I signed up for. We get it: You're upset that you're adopted. But your adopted parents are good people!

Ally needs rehab

Why has no one addressed this?

Jenna needs to be nice to Lacey

Lacey has finally proven that she's capable of being a mother and Jenna needs to stop being such a jerk to her.

We need a flashback episode

So we can remember the good old days and maybe see what was going on before Jenna lost her V card to Matty.

More Ming

Ming needs to come and make a surprise graduation appearance.

Gabby & Matty breakup


Theo and Cole...

...need to be in every single episode next season. They are the best.

Lissa needs to get back to God

Alright, Lissa being wild is fun for a minute, but she needs to go back to God and then tell her parents to eff off, because they are the worst.

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