Meghan Trainor's AMAs Dates Are Her Brothers, Which Is So Sweet, But Her Comments To Fergie Are Disappointing

Meghan Trainor may promote being all about that bass and body positivity in her songs, but Trainor's comment to Fergie at the American Music Awards didn't necessarily promote that idea. Trainor brought her two brothers to the AMAs as her dates, which is incredibly adorable. However, when Trainor met Fergie, apparently one of her her idols, she proceeded to gush over Fergie's music and more importantly, her figure. After asking Fergie how much she works out, Trainor mentioned that she and Fergie have the same choreographer, and apparently constantly tells him to make her look more like the "Fergalicious" singer.

Trainor began her E! Interview in the cutest way possible: Talking about her brothers and revealing that she was carrying her brother's inhaler in her clutch. But when she made her comment to Fergie, it was disappointing. While "All About That Bass" has been touted as both a body-positive song and also a skinny shaming song (much like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"), Trainor herself has said she would never want to shame a skinny person, but she also "just wrote a fun song about loving your booty and loving your body." However her comment about wanting to look like Fergie doesn't exactly promote the idea of loving oneself more.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For an interview that started on such a sweet note, Trainor's brief interaction with Fergie didn't end it in the same way. It's always great to see two talented singers reveal that they are mutual fans, but I just wish Trainor would have stuck to admiring Fergie's music, instead of expressing a desire to look like her. Both women looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet and should rock their red carpet outfits with total confidence.

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