Did Dick Lovecraft Kill the Waynes on 'Gotham'? He Could Be Just the Man Gordon Is Looking For

There is no Batman without the deaths of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Even though the show vastly upends the expectations of what we've come to look for in any Batman-related property on screen (in good and bad ways), Gotham is still interested in what the death of the Waynes represent. Jim Gordon put it best earlier in the season when he mentions how the Waynes were such a beacon for goodness that their brutal murder sets off a powder keg in the city, and for many signals a loss of hope. But beyond the thematic aspects of their deaths, Gotham is also interested in uncovering who killed the Waynes. Enter Dick Lovecraft, whom we learn about for the first time during a meeting between Detectives Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen, Gordon, and the newly introduced Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent. Did Dick Lovecraft really kill Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Another question I really want answered is who came up with the name Dick Lovecraft? Does no one else think that sounds hilariously vulgar? Anyway, Lovecraft is a corrupt tycoon with his hand in a lot of major companies. He had a longstanding feud with Thomas Wayne over business deals and politics. "They couldn't have a more different vision for Gotham. I am willing to bet my career on his involvement in the Wayne murders," Dent said in a speech that was very convincing, until it becomes clear there isn't any evidence beyond his gut feeling. Is Lovecraft a red herring or is he really behind the death of the Waynes?

Since the Waynes represented the hope for a better Gotham and crossed some powerful bad guys, there were probably a lot of people gunning for them. But Lovecraft is the first person Gotham is really showing as having such a direct benefit from the murders of the Waynes. Since their deaths, Lovecraft has doubled his fortune. When we finally meet Lovecraft, he's of course a total creep who feels he's untouchable by the law. When he tells Harvey he has no idea what he's messing with, Lovecraft could easily be describing himself, but it comes across like he knows more than he's letting on. I imagine that Lovecraft, at the very least, knows who is really behind the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Like Fish Mooney, he is a brand new villain. So if the show is going to reveal he is behind their deaths, it needs to give him more heft to make it seem believable and not like a cheap resolution. Most likely, Lovecraft was operating with more than one person to take down the Waynes and I am not just talking about whoever the hired assassin was. Falcone seems too interested in keeping the peace to be dealing with those matters. But I wouldn't put it past the other crime bosses we've been seen thus far. Lovecraft was just introduced, so I expect Gotham will wait a few more episodes before it reveals whether Lovecraft is truly behind the murders and needs to be taken down by Gordon, or if he's just another distraction.

Images: Jessica Miglio/Fox; Giphy