They Got Kicked Out of Their Seats for What?

Will the One Direction conspiracies never cease? At the American Music Awards on Sunday night, the boys' absence from the camera got rabid fans a-buzzin' on Twitter, and, through some grapevine, they concluded that the band was moved from their seats in the front row because they were tripping people. The British boy band won the very first award of the night, trumping Imagine Dragons and One Republic (they're still around?) for Best Pop/ Rock Band.

So what's Twitter tripping about? Through channels of fans that are actually (supposedly) at the AMAs, One Direction had to be moved from their prime seats because they kept tripping people in the aisles. And by people, I mean other music stars. And by moved, I mean scolded like sneaky, pranking eighth-grade boys. Which they might be going for.... it's not a bad look on them, cause they really do seem jovially harmless.

I'd call this rumor totally absurd, except for the fact that it apparently actually happened last year. Per E!, "The boy band tripped several people walking past them during commercial breaks. Don't worry—no one got hurt." Looks like it was the last straw this year and they got booted.