Taylor Swift's Night At The AMAs Was So Swiftastic

I know the AMAs were all about celebrating talented artists in all different genres of music, but can we all agree that the AMAs are also about celebrating Taylor Swift? Sure, Lorde was good, but Lorde and Swift were better. Yes, Selena Gomez's performance was heart breaking, but Swift's reaction to Gomez's performance was even more noteworthy (sorry Selena, I am sure the song was very emotional to perform but your BFF's reaction was priceless). When it comes to music award shows, if Beyonce isn't there (because she is the Queen of award shows), we should just consider them the Taylor Swift Awards, not because she wins a lot of awards — which she does — but because all eyes should be on her.

The AMAs were OK, in my opinion. A lot of the performances were overhyped — sorry, J Lo — and I still just can't get behind Pitbull screaming "Dale" every other moment. Luckily, T Swift was there to keep us entertained on and off stage. Because everything that happened regarding Swift was so Swiftastic, it seems necessary to recap all of her best moments from the award show. Here is a magical look into Taylor Swift's night at the AMAs.

Taylor And Karlie Kloss Were Twinning

Can we get a confirmation that these two were not separated at birth? Sure, Kloss is taller than Swift, but these two are seriously twins.

Taylor Fangirled Over Lorde (obviously)

Question: What type of friend would Swift be if she wasn't dancing in the aisles when her friend Lorde was performing? Answer: Not a friend.

Taylor Was Presented The Dick Clark Award For Excellence

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By Diana Ross, nonetheless.

Taylor Went Crazy In Her "Blank Space" Performance

It was as crazy-eyed as you could have ever wanted. From burning flowers to shoving a guy across the stage, Swift delivered everything you'd expect from the first, of many, "Blank Space" performances.

Taylor Got Emotional During Selena Gomez's Performance

I'd even go as far to say she got more emotional than Gomez herself did, but that's what best friends are for.

Taylor and Jessie J Danced Together

Whenever you find yourself performing at an award show and need some audience participation, you better get yourself to T Swift ASAP because you know she wants to dance with you.

Taylor Had All Her Besties With Her

How can you not want to be apart of that hug?

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