Is She Our New 'View' Co-Host?

After the massive fail that was her ABC talk show, Katie, former Today co-anchor Katie Couric is searching for her next gig. Unlike the rest of us, though, when Katie Couric leaves a job, she doesn't have to scroll through page after page of throwaway job listings on LinkedIn — she just gets offered a new co-hosting gig on a major television network. NBD. According to NYMag, Katie Couric is poised to take Barbara Walters' spot on The View when the legendary broadcast journalist retires next summer.

To be clear, Katie hasn't been canceled yet — but with falling ratings and general disinterest because the show is pretty boring, it seems more than likely that it will at some point soon. "The feeling across the board is that Katie is rejected by audiences when she is alone," a source commented to the New York Daily News on the failed talk show endeavor, "but on a panel show she’s incredible, and even not liking her can work in the show’s favor and her favor."

None of this has been confirmed yet, of course. In fact, Walters is still denying it, but, as NYMag points out, she also denied her retirement and the fact that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was leaving The View for Fox News, so, y'know, WE'RE ON TO YOU BARBARA.