If We Were Honest During Bikini Waxes...

There are many things that we would rather not think about when getting a bikini wax; the experience is uncomfortable enough as is. But a new episode from the video series Katie: A Lady, entitled “Let's Talk about Brazilian Waxes,” doesn’t hold back, and makes us realize how bizarre these trips to the salon actually are. From that awkward little interaction when the bikini waxer leaves you in the room to “get ready” (aka strip naked) to when she asks you to roll over so she can get your back side, bikini waxes involve a whole lot of pretending like a weird situation is completely normal. This video shows exactly what you are probably thinking when you go to get a bikini wax, including Katie hoping that she won’t fart on the waxer, and trying not to show the waxer how much pain she is really feeling. Things get too real during Katie’s bikini wax, and the video brings to light the top four reasons why Brazilian waxes are a ridiculous beauty ritual.

1. You’re paying for a service that you know will be painful

Most bikini waxes aren’t excruciatingly painful, like how Katie describes hers, but that doesn’t mean that getting a bikini wax is an enjoyable experience.

Waxer: “I am here to pour hot wax onto the hair on your pubic area, and then rip the hairs out.”

2. A Brazilian wax can leave you looking pre-pubescent

Is having your vagina resemble a child’s a sexy look? Every woman has to decide for herself. Even though the video makes fun of women who go hairless, everybody is different, and if that look floats your boat then go for it! It’s not like that many people are going to see it anyways.

Katie: “I would like my private parts to look as much like a little child’s as possible.”

3. A stranger is all up in your privates

This is something that we all trying extra hard not to think about when getting a bikini wax. Who is this person poking and prodding around down there? Are they judging your vagina? Can they tell that you pre-groomed for you wax? It’s better to just focus on making small talk.

Waxer: “You know I am a stranger, but I am looking intently at your genitals and touching it with my hands."

4. Sometimes we go through all of this for casual acquaintance or future fling

The main reason many young, single, women pay a significant amount of money and endure this very uncomfortable half-hour? We want to get laid, or even to allow ourselves the option of having sex. This is, of course, some sexist bullshit. Why should we have to go to the waxing salon to feel comfortable having sex when all a guy has to do is show up? Not fair!

Katie: “I actually got this wax because I might have sex this weekend!”

Waxer: “You won’t.”

It's all just too real. Watch the whole video below for more hilarity.

Images: Above Average /YouTube