Taylor Swift & John Green Chatted, So Could She be Involved in 'Paper Towns'?

It's aaalllll happening. What exactly "all" is is still 90 percent mystery, but the 10 percent we maybe know is maybe exciting! Taylor Swift and John Green had a phone conversation Monday, the context of which is still incredibly fuzzy. What were they talking about? What secrets were exchanged? I have a feeling a minimum of 20 youths burst into tears during that phone call without even consciously knowing what was happening.

Green, author of YA hits like The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, and Paper Towns (which has a film adaptation in the works as we speak), tweeted about his interaction with the singer-songwriter-pop-star on Monday, writing:

Taylor Swift is very funny and generous over the telephone. (Which I know because we just spoke on the phone.)

He followed this up with a second tweet that read, simply:



So what was the purpose of this call? Some possibilities, as Green has not tweeted further about the incident.

She's been cast in Paper Towns

Seems pretty unlikely, especially considering filming is now well underway. But you never know!

She's contributing to the Paper Towns soundtrack

This one seems far more likely in my eyes. In fact, it kind of seems like the most likely option on this list. Green, in addition to being the author of the film's source material, is serving as a producer on the movie, so it would make sense for him to talk business with Swift. Paper Towns is also a movie about a girl perennially misunderstood by the public, and it's not like Swift is a stranger to writing about that subject. Maybe she and Lorde could team up and really give that movie a whopper of a teen anthem.

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They're conspiring to destroy teendom with feels

What do two teen whisperers talk about if not how to dominate the world by harnessing the startling power of the youth population? They could do it so seamlessly...

Swift was welcoming Green into the Illuminati

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Seems likely. Do you think she gave him Beyonce's phone number? Bey's gotta be president of the Illuminati by now, right?

They're Just Starting Down the Road to Being Besties

This also could have just been a friendly call with no motives other than mutual admiration — I have, after all, written previously about the fact that it would make sense if these two became buddies. It's possible them just casually becoming good friends would break the Internet more than any of the other options here.

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