'Wonder Woman' Nabs Michelle MacLaren To Direct & They've Made A Great Choice

It's officially official: The Wonder Woman movie's found its director. It's the first real step into this film actually taking shape, and if you ask me they've found just the right woman for the job. Welcome to the blockbuster game, Michelle MacLaren.

MacLaren was previously reported as the leading contender for the director's seat for Warner Bros./DC's Wonder Woman, but it's good to have the official word on the matter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, MacLaren will also be seeing the film through with the early stages of development, "work[ing] with the project’s writers, which remain unnamed at this stage, to lasso together a script for the movie." Yes, you can expect these puns to keep going well into 2017.

MacLaren's past credits are a good sign — she's won her share of Emmys as an executive producer on Breaking Bad , and she's directed some key Game Of Thrones episodes. As Bustler Michael Arbeiter writes:

Here's to the future of female superheroes.