14 Signs You're The Rachel Of Your Friend Group

I am still in awe that the universe has granted me the privilege to type a sentence as beautiful as "Friends is going to be on Netflix in January." I did not think I would ever live to see this day, and now that it's almost here, I would like to apologize in advance to every friend and family member for disappearing for the majority of the first part of 2015 while I marathon watch the whole thing in my bed. In the meantime, we've all had some time to grow up since Friends stopped airing, time that we spent re-evaluating which characters we most identify with. So far I've declared myself the Monica of my friends, and another Bustle writer has declared herself the Pheobe, but what if you're the Rachel of your friend group?

Odds are, if you're the Rachel, you might already have some idea. It's not your fault that your last haircut started a revolution or that you're too adorable and sassy for most people to handle. Plucky Rachel Green became a heroine to all of us whether or not we related to her, and if you're the Rachel of your friend group, you know that there are more than a few reasons why:

You’re not afraid of a little spontaneity

You seize life by the horns, and life is messy!

You occasionally get away with things for being “cute”

It's not like you do things knowing that you'll get away with them because you're cute. Well. Most of the time.

You are liberal with both sass and sarcasm

Alas, subtlety just simply isn't in your nature.

Although you have been always been a little naïve

What? You're just more social smart than "textbook" smart. And so far, being social smart has gotten you along just fine in the world, thank you very much.

And that naïvety isn't something you grow out of

You always believe the best in people, whether or not you've been burned in the past. It is one of your biggest strengths, and also one of your biggest weaknesses.

You’ve always been the life of the party

In fact, was this a party? You arrived and one just sort of spontaneously started around you.

Maybe you don't have the most girlfriends

It's not that you don't want girlfriends, it's just that your guys friends tend to roll a bit more with your speed.

Which makes you really appreciate of the ones you have

You’ve been called “dramatic” on occasion


But the truth is you care deeply about the people around you

You will do anything for your friends. Anything. Except maybe pretend to enjoy playing an organized sport.

And sometimes you care too much

You can't help it that you wear your heart on your sleeve. You don't fall in love often, but when you do, you fall hard.

You might not always know where your life is headed

Plan? What plan? You're just figuring it out as you go along. And as carefree as you might seem, you know in your heart that you are ambitious and committed enough that you'll eventually make your mark on the world.

But you are an infallible optimist

It doesn't matter what life throws at you. You're going to give it the best you've got, and find some humor in every situation along the way.

Because happiness is what you make it

And you've got it in spades.

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