Would 'The Originals' Rebekah & Elijah Really Let Esther Turn Them Human? She's Already Taking The Steps

We all knew this question was coming — will Rebekah choose a human life on The Originals? During Monday night's new episode, "The Brothers That Care Forgot," Rebekah Mikaelson returned to New Orleans with baby Hope. And, right away she was faced with Esther's proposition from none other than Elijah. Because, it seems, our unwaveringly moral leader has finally cracked under the pressure. It's no secret that Rebekah wants a human life and a child, but would she take it from her own mother? Monday night's episode left us wondering, after the Original sister broke Elijah's neck: Will Rebekah become human on The Originals?

Usually I've got a good sense for how these situations will go. And, under any other circumstances, Rebekah wouldn't take so much as a speck of dust from her mother. But, after raising Klaus and Hayley's daughter for months and watching the miracle of life as it grows, Rebekah's resolve might not be so strong. Especially when it's faced with the possibility of having a child of her own — since Rebekah's already come to terms with the fact that she must give Hope back to Hayley and Klaus someday. And Esther's already planning for that — which might mean that she knows her daughter even better than we all thought. Monday night's episode revealed that Esther has already set Cami up to be Rebekah's new body (Cami, after waking up with her memories wiped, realized that she had puncture wounds all down her spine — the mark of Esther's body-jumping spell). So, clearly, she's banking on convincing her daughter to join her cause.

The most disconcerting thing about this situation, however, is not that Rebekah might choose to join Esther's side, but that Elijah seems to be considering it as well. Where would Klaus be without his brother? Elijah can't just jump ship on him and I was thankful on Monday night when Rebekah snapped his neck to prevent him from doing any further damage. Esther screwed up Elijah when she broke into his mind and, now, it seems like he's already on his mother's side. Would Elijah decide to be human? It might help with any inferiority complex he might have about Klaus being able to father children when he can't. Or it might just be his final attempt at keeping Hayley safe from what Esther seems to think is inevitable — Hayley's death by Elijah's hand.

Would these two be so quick to accept Esther's offer while Finn and Kol are being convinced to join Klaus' side? It seems like Esther planned this perfectly, she may have lost Kol and Finn, but now that she's broken Elijah, it almost seems too easy for her to play on Rebekah's deepest desire as well. But, will Rebekah and Elijah actually go through with this? If Monday's episode is any indication, it's possible — but, Rebekah might've already come to her senses. I knew The Originals needed her.

Image: Guy D'Alema/The CW