21 Cheap Secret Santa Gifts You Can Find at Target For $25 Or Less

Why is Secret Santa such a stressful concept? Oh, I know. It's because you're forced into this weird social but also personal tradition of buying a present for a coworker (whom you might not know at all), and it has to be something meaningful, but also within a set dollar limit to make it fair for everyone. It’s also going to be presented to your recipient in front of all your coworkers before your identity is revealed, so you better make sure the gift is ON. POINT. And don't get me wrong, the dollar limit certainly makes it easier. It just feels like added pressure because it's a rule, and therefore it must be obeyed. However, when it comes down to it, Secret Santa is really just the giving and receiving of gifts, so maybe we should all calm down.

There is one place that makes Secret Santa a little less terrifying though. It's the place you enter with a short list and exit with an overflowing cart. Yup, you guessed it — Target. You can never go wrong with Target. Especially when you're looking for an item that costs no more than $25. It doesn’t matter what your shopping needs consist of, Target will most certainly have it. Imagine Stefon and his shiny shirt when I say the following: "This place has EVERYTHING. . . . "

Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr

Burt's Bees Beeswax Bounty

You can never go wrong with Burt’s Bees, and this lip balm quartet covers all your bases, no matter who you end up shopping for. This pack even comes with a bonus change purse.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Bounty, $10, Target

Women's Knit and Fur Ear Muffs

An ultra chic way to ward off the cold. Thank you, Target. Thank you so much.

Women’s Knit and Fur Ear Muffs, $13, Target


Jenga is THE BEST. You will win the award for most amazing Secret Santa ever if you give the gift of Jenga. And once the wrapping paper comes off, gather around and play. It’s a great ice breaker and takes extreme concentration, so it’ll bring the team closer together for sure.

Hasbro Classic Jenga Game, $8, Target


Why are earbuds so easy to lose? And why are they always a tangled mess? Backup earbuds are perfect for this reason because one set is usually missing or tied in knots. These JLab earbuds also have a tangle-resistant cable and they have a mic, so that’s pretty rad.

JLab j5 Metal Earbuds with Mic, $20, Target

Holiday Mug Gift Set

Because it’s freezing out there and sometimes chocolate just makes everything better. I think the universe agrees.

Ghiradelli Latte Mug Holiday Gift Set, $18, Target

TOMS for Target Bracelet Set

These stackable bracelets are subtle and come with a sweet message. Plus, Target will donate part of the TOMS for Target proceeds to either Feeding America or the American Red Cross. That sounds good to me!

TOMS for Target Bracelet Set, $15, Target

Water Bottle with Pocket

It doesn’t matter how many water bottles you have or how dependable and spill-proof they are, you could always use another one, right? Am I just a bottle hoarder? It’s nice to have a backup bottle in case your main container squeeze starts to leak. And this one has a pocket to hold IDs, cash, and bank cards, so it’s handy for exercise and everyday life.

Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle with Pocket, $12, Target

Quirky Salt and Pepper Shakers

Any normal person in this world will have a soft spot for an adorable salt and pepper shaker set. This one features owls wearing glasses. I mean, come on. Extreme cuteness!

Threshold Stoneware Owl Salt and Pepper Set, $8, Target

Classic Etch A Sketch

Your coworker could be 20 or they could be 40, and they will appreciate this gift. Why? One word: Nostalgia. Every human can have a connection to an object via nostalgia, and since this toy has been around since 1960, most of us have played with it growing up. Plus, it’s just fun to play with a classic toy as an adult. No swear word is off limits now. Just don’t let HR see!

Ohio Art Classic Doodle Sketch, $25, Target

Decorative Pillow

Is there such a thing as “too cozy?” Not a chance. Everyone could use more pillows to soften their landings and brighten their days. Especially when the designs are this adorbs.

Room Essentials Patterned Decorative Pillow, $17, Target

Stainless Steel Kettle

If your Secret Santa recipient is a tea drinker or just a fan of hot beverages in general, this is the perfect gift. It’s the right amount of appropriate to give a coworker, and it’s a super helpful item to keep at home or at work.

Hamilton Beach 1L Stainless Kettle, $24, Target

Stout Glass Set of 2

Unique glass sets are exciting gifts to receive, because they’re never items you prioritize for yourself. Unless you can get them as gifts from family members or as part of a registry, you’re probably not going to unwrap cool glass sets. And even if the style of glass doesn’t exactly fit your adult beverage taste, they’re always great for guests.

Spiegelau Stout Glass Set of 2, $20, Amazon

Archer Farms Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate

The only thing better than hot chocolate? Hot chocolate with sea salt and caramel mixed in. Archer Farms has the ultimate mix to cozy up to this season. Why not share a little bit of this heaven with whoever you draw for Secret Santa? Who knows? They might even share.

Archer Farms Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate, $5, Target

Metallic Jeweled Cell Phone Case

A cell phone case is always a safe bet when it comes to easy gifting, and Target’s affordable selection is like none other.

Metallic Jeweled Cell Phone Case, $15, Target

Knit Tassle Throw Blanket

The days are getting colder and the sun is going down earlier and earlier. The only way to survive the bleakness that comes with winter is with a warm blanket and some Netflix binging. Seriously. It’s the only way. So give the gift of comfort, and your Secret Santa buddy will love you forever.

Threshold Knit Tassle Throw (in Shell), $21, Target

Mustache Ceramic Coffee Mug

You can never have too many coffee mugs, and the best news is that Target has one for just about everyone, no matter what they’re into. Oh, and they’re usually crazy cheap, too!

Mustache Ceramic Coffee Mug, $8, Target

Women's Cable Knit Beanie

Pick up one of these for your Secret Santa recipient, and then pick up one of these for yourself. At just $14.99, you can get one in every single color.

Women’s Cable Knit Beanie, $15, Target

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Linear Stem Sunflower Yoga Mat

If this isn’t the perfect gift for any yoga enthusiast in your office, then I don’t know what is. This pretty patterned mat is amazing on so many levels.

Orla Kiely by Gaiam Linear Stem Sunflower Yoga Mat, $25, Target

Nate Berkus Gold Stapler

Guys? This stapler is gold. Office supplies may not be the most fun thing to receive during the holidays, but this is a little piece of luxury to give to any of your coworkers.

Nate Berkus Gold Stapler, $16, Target

Mara Mi Animal Journal

Thanks to these little journals adorned with adorable animals, note-taking just got way more fun.

Mara Mi Animal Journal, $5, Target

Giant Gummy Bear

There’s just something about a giant gummy bear that will always be hilarious.

Giant Gummy Bear, $10, Target