'Euros of Hollywod': Massimo Books A Movie Role & Secures A Spot In My Heart

If it is Bravo’s goal is to make me fall in love with Massimo, consider that mission accomplished. Monday night’s episode of Euros of Hollywood confirmed what I’ve suspected since the series premiere: Massimo is the best. The guy is just so delightful and I am rooting for everything to go his way. When he nervously answered that phone call from that movie producer, I was nervous as all get-out on Massimo's behalf. I wanted whatever the person on the other line said to be good news for Massimo. (What can I say? That rooftop introspection scene from a few minutes earlier GOT ME.)

AND IT WAS GOOD NEWS! He landed a part in an action movie! He’d be shooting in Romania! Everything’s coming up Millhouse, er, Massimo!

After he ran lines with Fawni, folded up his socks, and packed his trusty iron, he was ready to go to Europe. Jannik gave Massimo a ride to LAX (which is basically the nicest thing someone can do for another person. If you've experienced the hell that is getting to and from Los Angeles International Airport, you know I'm not exaggerating), Massimo joked about a dead body being in his suitcase, and he was off to Romania. But don't worry, fellow Massimo fans! He'll be back before Sascha's birthday party.

Side note: This was the second time this month I'd heard someone get riled up about bedsheets not being ironed. And less than 30 days ago, I had no idea ironed bedsheets were a thing. Now I know better.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo