Here Is A Baby Trying To Eat A Parakeet, Which Is More Unstoppably Adorable Than It Sounds—VIDEO

I can understand the confusion that this particular holiday week would bring for the newer humans on the planet. For the next few days, 99% of our thoughts, actions, and ill-advised, last-minute grocery shopping will revolve around eating a bird. And while many of us are quite excited for the more socially acceptable practice of eating a turkey on Thanksgiving, somebody might want to explain the boundaries of bird consumption to this baby who tried to eat her parakeet before that family's holiday season gets extra weird.

I have to say, this is the most adorable little would-be raw carnivore I have ever seen. Ever since I was a little kid, I was scared of pretty much anything that crawled or flew or slithered too close to me, so it's heartening to see this bird and baby friendship (even if her method of showing affection is a little less than conventional). At least, I'm assuming it is affection; Her toothy grin after every failed attempt at eating the family budgie is slightly sinister.

Their friendship is only rivaled by that of the dog and baby having a jumping contest, which recently melted both the internet and our hearts. In fact, the lack of existence of an entire reality TV show series devoted solely to chronicling baby and animal friendships really makes me question the priorities of this nation. No more Real Housewives of this and that—I think it's time for a Real Adorable Baby And Animal Broskis of Portland that will expand out to every city in America and then, eventually, the entire world. IT'S IMPORTANT TO HAVE GOALS, AMERICA.

Until that fantasy actually comes to life we will just have to satisfy our need with videos like this one of this tiny bird and his carnivorous infant friend:


Images: YouTube