Will Janel & Val Date After 'Dancing with the Stars'? Obviously, They'll Go Public With Their Romance

Can you believe that Janelskiy's run on Dancing with the Stars is already coming to an end? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was wondering if Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy were faking it on DWTS for the cameras and/or trying to become the new Maks and Meryl and, now here we are, already looking at a finale. On Tuesday, the Dancing with the Stars Season 19 finale will air which, even though Janel's rib injury affected her performance on Monday, will feature Janelskiy. But, the real question isn't whether or not the pair will win Season 19 (they probably will), but what will Janel and Val do after DWTS ends?

Well, obviously, they have to go public with their relationship or lack thereof. Janel and Val have done their absolute best to blur the line between whether or not their onscreen love is real or just really good acting. I mean, during last week's performance Janelskiy kissed "for the fans," but on Monday night, the pair kissed AGAIN. Which could mean two things — the first being that they're totally in love and now that they've broken the kissing ice, they're comfortable expressing their love or the second, that they were compensating for Janel's injury by "sealing this season with a kiss," as Janel put it with this Instagram photo caption:

Do you see what I mean? It's almost impossible to tell whether or not they're faking it anymore. I mean, Janel's an actress so kissing men that she's not in love with kind of comes with the job but, judging by the pair's Instagram posts, they might not be acting. Also following Monday night's performance, Val posted this photo, along with a sweet caption, of the professional dancer by Janel's side during a doctor's appointment:

OK, Val straight-up said "Love you" at the end of his lengthy caption that made it sounds like Janelskiy's run on DWTS was more like a relationship than a competition partnership. Val admits to believing that Janel was "the best one" from the beginning and opens up about taking the risk and the ups and downs of their partnership. But, really, this just sounds more like a Facebook post that someone would post on their anniversary. (I know you agree.) And, I mean, HE SAYS THAT HE LOVES HER. That's two televised kisses and a "love you" on the side of my brain that says Janel and Val are totally for real. Then there's this photo from Janel's Instagram:

That look in her eyes, calling Val her "favorite boy" and thanking him for making her time on DWTS "beautiful?" It's obvious the only thing for Janel and Val to do after Season 19 ends on Tuesday night is to go on a real life date. And then tell the whole world the beautiful story about how they fell in love while performing together on DWTS — even if they didn't win the mirror ball, they won because they found each other. Ugh, it'd almost be too sweet if it wasn't making my heart melt every second I spend thinking about it.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC