18 Moments from Fifth Harmony's New Music Video That'll Hit You Like a "Sledgehammer" — VIDEO

Rejoice, Harmonizers! For Fifth Harmony finally released a video for “Sledgehammer”. The music video for the undeniably catchy second single off of 5H’s to-be-released debut album hit the Internet Tuesday. The video—which was directed and choreographed by music video goddess Fatima Robinson— features lots of arm dancing, hairography, costume changes, an enormous horse statue, a fog machine, multiple swings, multiple fans, multiple chandeliers, and multiple hammers. If you read through list and thought, “I bet Kristie loves this music video,” you thought correctly. It's pop music video perfection, and I am here for all of it. It's a home run.

Heck, it's not just any ol' inside the park one-run homer. It is a grand slam. The bases were loaded, and 5H knocked that ball right out of the park. But 5H didn’t use a baseball bat to hit that ball. They used—YOU GUESSED IT!—a sledgehammer.

I love every last millisecond of the "Sledgehammer" video, but I took on the arduous and emotional task of picking out my favorite moments. The moments that smacked me right in the gob like a— I'm going to stop myself right there. You know what I was about to say. So I'm going to let you finish that sentence for me.

When a clap of the hands...

...causes a blackout:

When sledgehammer time begins:

When 5H breaks out the Sledgehammer move:

When 5H nails this pose and pierces the sky:

When this horse statue appears:

Pretty much every single time 5H poses on those steps:

When the video suddenly turns into a blurry dream:

When a second hammer is thrown into the mix:

When this handheld fan happens:

When 5H does the Sledgehammer move while sitting down:

When this happens:

When this hungry cloud starts consuming members of 5H:

When the dancing in front of the fan happens:

Especially this second position plié:

I just passed out:

When 5H strikes five poses so hard it causes the world to shake and change colors:

When 5H hits this final pose:

(And yes, I typed all of the above with one hand while doing the Sledgehammer arm move with the other.)

Images: FifthHarmonyVEVO/YouTube (18)