Jennifer Aniston Is Amazing in This 'Cake' Trailer

Cake has already received a ton of buzz thanks to a few clips showcasing Jennifer Aniston's raw performance as lead character Claire Simmons, but not until now have we really been able to get a good glimpse at just how much of a game-changer this role could be for her: The first trailer for Cake has been released, and this is seriously Aniston as we've never seen her before.

It's evident after pretty much the first scene of the trailer why Aniston has been receiving Oscar buzz for this role: She's in full form as Claire, a woman suffering from a chronic pain condition who, upon hearing about the suicide of a girl from her support group (Anna Kendrick), becomes committed to piecing together the girl's life. In the process, she grows close to the woman's widowed husband (Sam Worthington).

In addition to the film being darker than any we've seen her in before, Aniston looks miles away from herself physically: In addition to the haggard appearance she sports in the role, Aniston has stated that she stopped working out to gain weight, and she's also completely make up-free for the entire film. That, coupled with the images of her popping pills and downing endless amounts of booze is definitely nothing like Rachel Green from Friends.

Check the trailer below.