Harrison May Steal Barry's Powers On 'The Flash'

He might be an ordinary human right now, but The Flash' s Harrison Wells probably won't be for long. The end of Tuesday night's episode indicates that Harrison wants to steal Barry's metahuman powers for himself, by using power found in the blood of Farooq, aka Blackout. Toward the end we see Harrison lurking in the underbelly of S.T.A.R. labs to recover the body of Farooq, who had the ability to literally drain the power out of Barry's cells. After he puts a needle in the body for a sample, Harrison says that he'd "love to see how he did that," and judging by the weird look on his face, all signs point to Harrison Wells wanting to use Farooq's metahuman powers to do exactly what Farooq did to Barry: drain him of his super-speed.

How exactly, then, would Harrison be able to empower himself with Farooq's abilities? It is pretty clear now that Harrison manipulated the circumstances that turned Barry Allen into "The Flash," so I wonder why he feels the need to get a sample of Farooq's blood to do the same thing to himself. If he really wanted abilities, shouldn't he have been conceivably able to give them to himself during the particle explosion? This is yet another instance where I wonder if Harrison himself is fully human, or if somehow his DNA wouldn't react to the explosion the way that the other metahumans did.

More importantly, I wonder what Harrison could possibly gain by having the ability to steal Barry's powers. It's clear that he doesn't want to use them to stop Barry, evidenced both by the fact that he seems hell-bent on keeping Barry alive long enough for the future where he is missing to stay in tact, and because if Harrison really wanted to stop Barry, he could have used Cisco's cold gun to do it. Harrison's motives and the extent of what he does and doesn't know only seems to get more mysterious every week.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW