What 'Mindy Project' Couple Called It Quits?

After the emotionally explosive episode The Mindy Project brought viewers in "The Diary Of A Mad Indian Woman," when a wedding between Danny and Mindy actually seemed possible, Tuesday's episode took a sharp turn when the next step of the Dandy relationship was not even whispered. Maybe I'm just too big of a fan of these two, but you can't dangle that carrot in front of my face and not expect me to bite! Instead, it was another relationship that was the focus of Tuesday's episode, when Morgan and Tamra broke up after seven months of dating, causing Morgan to play the field, and Tamra to get jealous.

Pause on the Morgan and Tamra relationship right now,and shift your attention to Mindy's plan to set up Annette Castellano — Danny's Ma — on a date in hopes of encouraging her to be less involved in their relationship. Annette and the dating scene started of on a good note, Annette loved dating, especially with a doctor Mindy, Jeremy and Co., worked with! But once Annette joined a single's site— she obviously got a taste of something she liked—, things took a turn for the worse when she and newly single Morgan went on a date, much to Mindy (and Danny's) dismay.

Morgan and Tamra breaking up is actually pretty upsetting news to me — and other Mindy fans — because we all know how much Morgan fought for Tamra to notice him and drop her ex-boyfriend Ray Ron. So when Morgan gets his heart broken, we in turn get our hearts broken.

But Morgan was quickly on the mend once he started dating Annette, especially because dating the mother of his best friend could possibly lead to him finally being the father figure Danny needs in his life (this is Morgan's mentality, of course). Whether it was playing catch, serving up some tough love, or double dating with Danny and Mindy, Morgan all but adopted Danny on Tuesday's episode.

But as you probably guessed, Annette and Morgan were not star-crossed lovers, and their relationship ended quicker than it began. Great news for Danny, but not so good news for Mindy, as it puts her right where she was in the beginning of the episode, with overbearing Annette squeezing into her relationship with Danny.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if we want Danny and Mindy to get married ever, Mindy is going to need to smooth out some kinks she has with Annette (and probably Dot while she's at it). Hopefully these two can find a common ground of loving Danny, but both being number ones in his book.

Images: Beth Dubber/FOX