'The Voice' Reagan James Got Eliminated Because America Has No Idea What They're Voting For

Not even a Taylor Swift performance could soften the blow of Tuesday night's The Voice elimination. Because guess what, world – Season 8 frontrunner, Team Blake's Reagan James got eliminated on The Voice . I know, I'm as shocked as you are because I was nearly 100 percent certain that the Texas native would win it all for Blake Shelton. But, apparently, America did not agree. Even after Reagan demonstrated, yet again, how unique her voice is and Blake sung — not literally — the praises of her talent, America saved Ryan Sill instead. So, now what? Why didn't America vote to instantly save Reagan James?

I've been on Team Reagan since the 16-year-old performer blew the judges away with her blind audition. I mean, she's incredible and she's unique and, somehow, she's able to take her voice and make it sound good on any song. Yes, even Monday night's rendition of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," during which Reagan rapped like she was born to do it. Reagan James took risks, Reagan James didn't rest on Blake Shelton telling her that she was a star, but for some reason she still went home on Tuesday night. And not even another "Blank Space" performance by Taylor Swift (which was actually really great — again) could save us from the pain of watching a truly talented performer go on The Voice.

So far in Season 8, I've yet to feel so strongly about a performer getting eliminated nor have I gotten excited about the Wildcard Rounds. Well, I'm feeling all of those emotions and then some after watching Reagan's performance of Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like A Bird" fail to win over voters on Twitter. Sure, the song wasn't exactly her best, but Reagan was an investment that everyone should've felt comfortable using their votes for. She was The Voice and she was, easily, one of the most talented contestants this season.

Obviously I'm well aware that we're getting down to the best of the best and there's no time for mediocre performances now. But Reagan has knocked our socks off all season and she deserved a little bit better than to get eliminated on Tuesday night. Maybe the great gods of American Idol will save her based to her close-proximity to Kelly Clarkson — we can only hope such miracles exist on The Voice. Either way, the only way for Reagan is up and, even if she doesn't succeed in the Wildcards, we haven't seen the last of her — thank god.

Preach, girl.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC