Studying For The SAT? Apparently Staring At Kim Kardashian's Butt Will Help—PHOTOS

I'm assuming that most high school seniors who plan to graduate in 2015 and are planning to take the SAT have already taken it at least once, but for those of you bold college application procrastinators who get your thrills by squeezing the all-important test in just under the wire—and for the overzealous juniors taking it six months ahead of time—you're welcome in advance, because I'm about to show you something that will straight up get you into Harvard (probably, maybe, who knows, no promises). You know how you failed several tests this semester because you were too busy staring at Kim Kardashian's butt? Now your biggest weakness just became your biggest strength: students are using Kim Kardashian's butt to study for the SATs.

It all started with a few hilarious tweets from the SAT and ACT testing site Catalyst Prep, which, side note, is awesome and I am more than a little bit bitter I didn't know about in high school. The site's mission is to teach through creativity and humor: "The SAT and ACT are boring exams, but learning to ace them doesn't have to be. "

"Boring" doesn't even begin to cover it. I am pressed to think of a time in my life more boring that standardized testing and all I can come up with was that one time I walked in on my little sister watching 2 Broke Girls and was too lazy to leave. Math, in particular, was always my biggest weakness on the SAT, and the subject that I had to study for extra hard. And with the SAT completely overhauling itself again, the studying part is more necessary than ever.

But with testing prep like this, your 800 point score on the math is in the bag (or, more accurately, the booty). If you're about to take a standardized test or even with you want to brush up on your mad mathematician skills, feast your eyes on these ass-ignments (I slay me):

Images: Getty Images; Catalyst Prep/Twitter