Nephew of Bill Cosby Speaks Out, Clearly Has an Optimistic Take on Life

Is he guilty or innocent? That has yet to be proven, but there's no doubt that Bill Cosby continues to make headlines for the many women stepping forward claiming he doped, groped, or raped them. However, Cosby's nephew, Braxton A. Cosby, does not believe the allegations and remains positive about the clearing of his uncle's name. In a recent interview with, Braxton defends his uncle and believes in his innocence, unless proven otherwise. As he told the website,

I believe he is innocent and unless the judicial system can prove otherwise, I stand behind him and his contributions.

Braxton, who is also the CEO of Cosby Media Productions, doesn't seem to be going to extremes by lashing out at the media or the reported victims. If you take a look at Braxton's Twitter page, he continues to post inspirational quotes and looks at the glass as half full. He refuses to compare the "media attacks" to a "lynching," as he feels "that would imply some sort type of death being associated with the attack." He did say, "In this case, my uncle and his legacy are still more alive and well than ever before. He is still performing and going about normal business despite the unjustified claims."

However, that doesn't mean Braxton isn't correlating the "attack" on his uncle with a particular Bible passage. He said,

I would be more inclined to compare it to the passage in the Bible where the people of the village were about to stone the woman caught in adultery and Jesus challenged them by saying that the person who without sin should cast the first stone. The one difference in this case being that the woman was caught in the act and her accusers brought her forward.

Braxton wants everyone to remember that not only do "we live in the greatest country in the entire world," but that "everyone is innocent until proven guilty," just like his uncle. As of right now, he doesn't seem to feeding into the anger and disgust surrounding Bill (which is to be expected regarding such a horrifying situation), but rather focusing on the goodness of his family member.