Who Has Jess Dated on 'New Girl'? A Definitive Ranking of Her Love Interests — PHOTOS

For a show that started with a breakup, Jessica Day has been in a lot of relationships. But who has Jess dated on New Girl that actually mattered in the long haul? Probably three guys. We've already gone through whether she should date Ryan or Nick in Season 4, but let's think back to all of her love interests through the years. Yes, for more than half of the series she has been with Nick, but there were memorable guys before and after him, too.

Find out who reigns supreme when you read through the definitive ranking of her love interests, from a cheating ex to a sexy co-worker.

Images: Fox

9. Spencer

This jerk cheated on her when she came home to surprise him, naked. It’s basically like Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The only redeeming thing about their relationship is that when it ended, she moved into the loft. Without Spencer, there would be no New Girl.

8. Matt

Why is Matt ranked so low? It’s not because of his micro-penis, but rather that he cheated on his girlfriend with Jess. Bye forever.

7. Berkley

Hear me out on this one: Berkley never cheated on his wife (that we know of). Instead, he just had flirtatious conversations with Jess when she was dating Nick. She didn’t know he was being flirty, so she’s kind of in the clear, and he didn’t do anything but try to kiss her once. He’s still bad news bears for thinking he should leave his wife for Jess, but at least he didn’t actively cheat on her.

6. Ted (The Best Man)

Ted is only in such a high spot after only appearing in one episode because the other guys are cheaters. If Jessica Biel hadn’t been at the wedding, maybe he could have been a great boyfriend for Jess — or at least a great rebound.

5. Paul

Oh, Paul. So adorable, so emotional, and so much like a male version of Jess. It couldn’t last — mostly due to his weird crying — but it was sweet while it did. Even though she tried to get back with him after breaking up with Russell, it wasn’t meant to be. He’s engaged to an Asian version of her now, anyway.

4. Russell

Sure, he’s a mature guy and different from anyone Jess had ever dated, but he wasn’t right for her. He had way too much baggage with his crazy ex and ultimately, their relationship never fit perfectly.

3. Sam

These two had a unique relationship, to say the least, and they were victims to bad timing. Well, or maybe moreso that Nick and Jess clearly had feelings for each other and Sam could see that. He was a children’s doctor and super hot, so it’s too bad this one couldn’t work out.

2. Ryan

Ryan has only been around for a few episodes and already he’s making everyone swoon. Jess has tried to hold back, but he could be the guy she finally moves on with. Although Nick and Jess belong together, I can see these two together for a while. He’s sweet and sexy, is great with kids, and has the best British accent. The only downside is that Jess isn’t supposed to date him since she’s Vice Principal. We’ll see how that one works out.

1. Nick

Sorry, all other men, but Nick and Jess belong together. Although Season 3 was bumpy because of their relationship, after some time apart, I can see them happily married. Their chemistry as friends and lovers is fantastic, they’re hilarious together, they embrace their goofy sides, and they balance each other out. Sure, they’re not perfect, but what couple really is?