Ryan Vs. Nick on 'New Girl': Because Only One Jess Love Interest Can Prevail

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Oh Jess, how lucky you are to find yourself in a situation like this. In recent episodes of New Girl , Jess has been dodging love interest Ryan, a co-teacher at her school that she vowed to not have a relationship with. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Jess couldn't suppress her feelings for Ryan for very long, because while she, Ryan, and Coach, were at a conference for teaching, Jess and Ryan shared a passionate kiss at the end of the event. She tried very hard to avoid him, but it just didn't work out. He's sweet, he's cute, he seems to care about Jess (even though he doesn't know her too well).

Then there's Nick. Nick Miller, who I believe is endgame for Jess (or me, IDK) might not be the guy for Jess at the moment, but that doesn't mean he is out of the game. Season 3 was a rough season for the show, as the coupling of Jess and Nick brought down the vibe that worked so well for the first two seasons — which is why the two aren't together right now. And while they might not be together now, doesn't mean that these two aren't going to get together again — please, we need them to get together again.

So in the spirit of a fair fight, I present to you Nick vs. Ryan.

Images: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

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