Meghan Trainor's Thanksgiving Carols Say Everything We All Think When We're Home For the Holidays — VIDEO

Gotta say, Jimmy Kimmel has a point here: Christmas is a major holiday with tons of carols and songs dedicated to the holiday, but what about the second biggest year-end holiday, aka, Thanksgiving? There is literally no song that is dedicated to the occasion, and that's not just sad, that's unacceptable. Thankfully, on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode, Kimmel rectified that situation with a little help from his friends: Meghan Trainor performed some much-needed Thanksgiving carols, and, needless to say, they're perfect — not to mention, they say pretty much everything that we're all thinking when we go home and see the famz for the holidays.

With titles like "My Flight Got Canceled in Denver (I'll Be Sleeping At an Airport Quiznos Tonight)," "Uncle Dan Hates Obama (And Won't Shut Up About Benghazi)," and "I'm Not Bringing Leftovers on the Plane, Mom," they're not only relatable, but they'll truly help to get you in the Thanksgiving spirit — or, at least, ready to OD on some food, which is, of course, the most important thing of all.

While this, sadly, isn't a real thing, at least we have this video here to replay over and over to help us get through the holiday: