Steal Katie's Grown-Up Classic Holiday Outfit Idea

The plaid skirt/black turtleneck combo is one of the most classic outfits of the holiday season. Sure, it's usually seen on those adorable twins at church on Christmas Eve or on your neighbors' ridiculously staged holiday card, but Katie Holmes is proving that the look isn't just for kiddos. In a press appearance for her new film The Giver, Holmes wore a red plaid kilt, a luxe-looking black turtleneck, a pair of pumps complete with bows. And childish-looking, she was not.

Holmes kept her accessories simple and classic, opting for a single gold bangle. She wore her shiny, long brown hair down to keep the look casual for the appearance, and went with simple makeup besides a light berry-hued lip. In short, the perfect holiday look for family photos, Christmas dinner, and everything in between. Noted, Katie Holmes — this look is definitely in the running for a couple of my holiday events (adapted with tights, of course, because brrr.)

I wonder if Katie will repeat the outfit for a family gathering on Christmas and dress Suri to match her? Something tells me her fabulous daughter won't be having any of that. In any case, take a look at the original and the outfit I might copy her with. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Images: Instagram/@katieholmes_fans; Polyvore