How Do You Get an Appointment with Barbara Corcoran? The 'Shark Tank' Star Isn't Hard To Find

Going into the Shark Tank is no joke. You run the risk of being totally destroyed on television by five of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country if you enter with a bad idea; and if you come in with a good one, you better know. your. stuff. But what if you want to grab some time with the likes of Mark Cuban or Lori Greiner without putting on stage makeup and stepping in front of the lights? What if you just need some top notch advice on how to capitalize on Manhattan real estate from Manhattan real estate's finest? How do you get an appointment with Shark Tank 's Barbara Corcoran?

Well, maybe it's not so hard to get ahold of Corcoran, and you might not even have to deal with Mr. Wonderful telling you your ideas are trash at the same time. The millionaire real estate mogul told Success that with the popularity of Shark Tank, she can hardly go two blocks without someone recognizing her and asking for a chat; and often times, those chats include a pitch or a proposition. To those people (the polite ones, at least), Corcoran keeps an open mind: "I can say, honestly, I don’t do appointments, but send me an email and let me give you my card. I answer all emails."

So, first step to booking an appointment with Barbara Corcoran: track her down on the streets of Manhattan so that you can email her. But there are certainly a few other ways to get some one-on-one time with the Shark.

Book a Private Consult

Corcoran says she doesn't take appointments, but what I think she means is that she doesn't take appointments off the street. On her website, you'll find that there are quite a few ways to get in touch with her: you can book her for a speaking engagement, request an interview, or even book a private consult. You simply contact Corcoran's Executive Assistant, Gail Abrahamsen via the contact form on the website. But be warned... if you actually get through the screening process, be prepared. Corcoran loves evaluating a potential business partner by how they act under extreme pressure.

Get some advice on TV

If you're not quite ready for a one-on-one with Barbara, or you just can't seem to track her down, you can always get business advice from her on the tube. And not just on Shark Tank! Corcoran is the official real estate contributor on NBC's Today and makes regular visits to Good Morning America. You can also catch her TED talk on rethinking failure.

Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners and more...

If Shark Tank isn't your thing and you want to cut straight to the chase and try to have Corcoran take a look at your idea, you can submit a business plan straight to Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners on her website. That may seem like a one in a million shot, but hey, if you're going straight to Barbara Corcoran for an investment, you must really believe in your idea. Or if you're more interested in purchasing some real estate, and want to buy it with the best, Corcoran has assembled a team of the best all over the country that she'll gladly direct you to.

But once again, and I can't reiterate this enough: if you're going to Barbara...Know. Your. Stuff.

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