Is Justin Bieber 'Man of Steel' Sequel's Robin?

Oh, Bieber. Oh, no. If you were one of the frenzied Batman fans who thought Ben "Batfleck" Affleck was the worst thing that could happen to a superhero movie, well then, this one might just give you a heart attack. Brace yourselves: Justin Bieber recently Instagrammed his supposed copy of the Batman vs. Superman script, complete with a Bieber watermark and a caption reading, simply, "#robin?"

Oh boy.

The picture itself boasts the film's title, as well as claiming to be “based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson.” For reference, the Robin in that story is Carrie Kelley — who, while having an awesome Bieber-eque sweep to her hair, is in fact, a lady.

Before you rush to your Twitter or your Tumblr, let it be known that there is a very good probability that this is a joke — let's say, 95 percent. If we all just close our eyes and wait a few hours or a few days, when we open them, we'll probably still be living in a world where Justin Bieber is not playing any beloved super characters. It's unlikely we'll wake from a fevered nightmare of Bieber in a leotard and flesh-colored tights. Right?

If you need more proof that this might be a joke, here's a very telling fact that Bieber tweeted this earlier in the day:

This suggests the script is simply prop-age for what will surely be a hilarious Funny or Die sketch that we'll all be laughing at very soon.

For your reference, here is the full version of the hype-causing selfie itself: