'DWTS'' Jonathan Bennett Wasn't Always a Good Dancer & Here's Amazing, Hilarious Proof — VIDEO

Feeling post-Thanksgiving feast blues? Hey, I hear ya — the thought that we all now have to wait exactly a whole year for turkey day, pumpkin pie, and way too much mashed potatoes is a painful one. However, trust me when I say there is definitely a silver lining here. First of all, if you have leftovers, you also have an amazing post-Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. Secondly, this video exists, and it's the most perfect food coma viewing in the history of ever. So, you know how Jonathan Bennett went on from playing the dreamy (but questionable!) Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls to shaking his groove thang on the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars ? Right, well, if you're wondering what he did between those projects, here you go: Jonathan Bennett making a total dance fail prior to joining DWTS , in a video that was originally intended to be a funny/bad dance video for Mother's day.

And when I say "dance fail," I mean "the most amazing clip of Jonathan Bennett on the entire Internet that will make you laugh more than you thought humanely possible."

Here's the backstory: According to the description (the video was posted by Bennett's friend, Nick Nicotera), the clip was supposed to be sent to a friend for Mother's day, and wasn't actually supposed to be publicly posted, ever.

I begged Jonathan Bennett ( Mean Girls, DWTS ) to allow me to post this video for months. He promised he would let me release during the season finale of Dancing With The Stars and that time is here! The guys made the video as a joke to send to a friend this past Mother's Day. The fall is 100% real and thankfully Jonathan didn't suffer any long term injuries. Enjoy.

In the video, Bennett is seen badly dancing for a while...until he eventually gets on the rail of a staircase...and falls off. It's hilarious, genuine, and, since Bennett didn't get hurt, you totally don't even have to feel bad for laughing at it!

Nick Nicotera on YouTube

Bennett may have lost this season of DWTS to Carlton Banks...but, I think it's safe to say he has officially won Thanksgiving.