When Will Frank Ocean's New Album Be Released? His New Material Is Already Surprising Us

In reality, it's been about two years since Frank Ocean released his masterpiece of an album, Channel ORANGE . That's a long time, granted, but, considering the hits he amassed off that album alone — thanks to songs like "Pyramids," "Thinkin Bout You," and "Bad Religion" — it feels like much, much longer. So the idea that the wait for real, new material from Ocean is over? Hard to believe. However, it's clearly a Thanksgiving weekend miracle, because we can believe it: Frank Ocean has officially released a new song, titled "Memrise," — and, just like everything we've previously heard from him, it's absolutely amazing.

The song itself was released through his personal Tumblr account. Though only lasting a little under 2 minutes in length, it's a great track that's not only experimental, but also hugely different than anything we've heard from Ocean before.

Lyrics-wise, the song seems to follow Ocean's thoughts about lover, and how he remembers them based off what he's memorized: "I memorized the wayward expressions / Never look down / Never let you see me down / I memorized the way no directions / Can I come over now?" In addition to the song, Ocean included the full set of lyrics on his Tumblr.

You can check out "Memrise" below. Though it's not clear when Ocean will be releasing a new album to accompany the new track, this is hopefully good indication that something's on its way soon — and, hopefully, also good indication of the brilliance we should expect.