This Guy Used His Endless Pasta Pass from Olive Garden To Feed Homeless People, And Our Hearts Are Basically Dead Now—VIDEO

Instead of chowing down on infinite carbs, one guy decided to give back in the most delicious way possible: He bought Olive Garden’s seven-ween Endless Pasta Pass, but instead of eating the meals himself, he gave them to homeless people. If that doesn’t make your heart melt and ooze everywhere, then I don’t know what will. This Idaho native even set up a website called Random Acts of Pasta that detailed his mission and all the funny stories he amassed over the weeks. He used the pass 125 times in total. The number of times he spent the card on himself? 14. So like, 100 times less than I would have. Dude’s got discipline.

On his website, he noted a few “interesting” things he learned from his project which I think is pretty interesting too:

1. Nobody is ever home when you randomly stop by. Some people I tried 6 times and they were never there. 2. Not one person was pissed that I brought them free Olive Garden. 3. Homeless people vanish at night. 4. Always check soup lids to make sure they're on tight or your back seat will hate life.

Who would be pissed at free Olive Garden? Sure, we secretly snub the restaurant and its double wide roll-y chairs, but if someone presented you with a free plate of fettuccine alfredo, you would be ALL about dem noodles.

This ploy to get customers to go eat at Olive Garden (talking about the pasta pass itself, not what this dude did, which doesn't seem to be a ploy to do anything except maybe look him make like Grade A Husband Materal) might possibly be working: According to Daily Finance, “Restaurant sales fell 5.4 percent and just like Red Lobster the actual traffic inside the average eatery is uglier than that.” But the passes to go eat endless pasta sold out within 45 minutes, so deep within our carb-loving hearts, we really do love Olive Garden. “What we’re trying to do is get some attention,” OG’s Executive Vice President of Marketing said.

And attention they got. Random Acts of Pasta might just be the most heartwarming good deed story I've heard all year. Good job, everyone.

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Image: 1800Tribe/YouTube