Who Is The Voice of Mr. Pricklepants? A Former James Bond Returns In 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'

Thespian. German clothing. Hedgehog. Those are just a few of the words to describe Toy Story 's Mr. Pricklepants. He's first introduced in Toy Story 3, as Bonnie's toy's version of Woody — he's the leader of the plastic pack. Now that he's part of the toy gang forever more (and however many more sequels there are) just who is that adorable cuddly lederhosen wearing stuffed animal? In what's another instance of perfect voice casting, former 007 Timothy Dalton voices Mr. Pricklepants, and he returns to voice the character once again in Toy Story That Time Forgot.

As we can all clearly imagine, being asked to voice a character in a Pixar movie is nothing short of a dream. When Dalton first learned of the role, he told Empire Magazine that he didn't even know who he was going to play at first, he just "loved the idea of being in it." It's kind of hilarious to look back to 2009, when news of his role in the film first broke, because every headline is quick to point out that a former James Bond is now voicing a tiny little hedgehog who has "thespian tendencies." Which, honestly, is a perfect choice for the larger than life Mr. Pricklepants.



Yeah, that works.

Dalton portrayed Bond in two movies. License to Kill and The Living Daylights. He was approached for the role before On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but turned it down because he felt he was still "too young" and didn't want to follow in Sean Connery's footsteps (seriously, who would?). He was contracted to do three Bond films, but due to legal battles and drawn out contract negotiations, he only did two. The role of Bond would then go to Pierce Brosnan.

Aside from Bond, he's had a very long career on both the screen, television, and the stage. He's basically been in every Shakespeare play every written (or, just about), had a recurring role on NBC's Chuck, and has continued to voice Mr. Pricklepants every time he's shown up in a Toy Story short — which includes Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry and Partysarous Rex.

Considering that Toy Story 4 was announced and the internet went insane over it, all of our old toy friends will more than likely be back for that, too. Mr. Pricklepants had better return, because he is a star in his own right. His hobbies include "staying in character" and "method acting." And if you ask me, I would personally love to see another Toy Story community theater stage production...

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