Pizza Hut's New Menu Can Basically Read Your Mind

Revamping menus is a pretty common tactic for restaurants looking to spice up their images, but one chain is taking their menu to a whole new amazing level. With Pizza Hut's Subconscious Menu, you can order your food just by looking at a screen. The future is upon us, people!In addition to Pizza Hut's all-new, ultra-customizable menu, the restaurant is currently testing out new witchcraft known as the Subconscious Menu, the Daily Telegraph reports. The idea is that diners look at a screen showing 20 different topping options, such as tomatoes, peppers, and pineapple (for the heathens out there who like fruit on their pizza). The computer then uses eye-tracking technology that's normally reserved for scientific studies, but in this case is put to gloriously capitalist use. It notes which ingredients the customer looks at longest, and in less than 2.5 seconds it makes a pizza recommendation based on the information it's acquired. With 4,896 possible combinations, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't like at least one of the options. It took six months to develop this, by the way. Is anyone else having way too much fun imagining scientists running around a lab analyzing pizza a la Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

This might even be better than the pizza bed earlier this year. The jury is still out on whether it's as amazing as the Pillsbury pizza cake though. So far, the Subconscious Menu seems to be a hit — Pizza Hut claims there's been a 98 percent success rate testing the new menu, and let's be honest here, the people who make up that remaining 2 percent are clearly confused or something. Anyone who doesn't like pizza is probably a robot, amiright?

Images: Giphy; ash-muffins/Tumblr