Is 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Invited to Andi Dorfman's Wedding? It Wouldn't Be Surprising

As easy as it is to get caught up in the excitement of the new Bachelor season premiering next month, we cannot forget one important thing: Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are about to get married. Although an official date has yet to be publicly announced, the wedding's definitely not too far away — Josh says he expects to be "a married man" by Summer 2015 — so that means that wedding invites should go out soon, if they haven't already. And aside from itching to see what wedding dress Andi chooses, my main concern is their guest list, namely, is Bachelor Chris Soules invited to Andi's wedding? You know we'll be seeing former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants at the nuptials, especially since the happy couple has hinted that they hope to be part of a TV special about their wedding. And come on, Chris has got to be there, right?

Well, as one of Andi's final guys — and someone who competed against Josh to win her heart — wouldn't it be kind of awkward for him to be there? With the kind of relationship Andi and Josh have had with Chris since the show wrapped, not really. Chris left the show on pretty good terms, and by the time Andi and Josh's wedding takes place, we'll already know who Chris chooses to settle down with on The Bachelor. Besides, Josh and Andi have told Hollywood Life that they fully intend on inviting plenty of Bachelor alum to see them tie the knot:

Definitely some of my girls are getting invited from my season. Josh is good friends with some of the guys. The cool guys from Josh's season are definitely getting invited ... It's not awkward. Here's the thing: Josh is friends with them and the people Josh is friends with are great guys, like they really are great guys. And all of them are happy and doing their own thing and we are happy for them, so they can bring their fiancees and girlfriends along and be one big happy family.

And if Josh is inviting the guys he got along with while on The Bachelorette, that certainly applies to Chris. Josh and Andi have been open about their friendship with Chris, and how they imparted their best advice to him before his journey as The Bachelor began. How adorable is that?

Another Bachelor cast member in attendance? Nikki Ferrell, who Andi's reportedly asked to join her at the altar as one of her bridesmaids. I love that we live in a world where two women can essentially compete for the same guy and end up as best friends when it's all over and done with. Juan Pablo who?

Image: ABC