Will 'Bachelorette' Andi's Wedding Be on TV? Her Ceremony Should Totally Look Like This

Will we get to see another live Bachelorette wedding soon? Um, duh. Now that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are engaged, the couple has opened up about their wedding plans and say they haven't said "no" to filming their wedding for the world to see. When asked about it on The Today Show, Andi replied mischievously, "We'll see!" Ha, don't play hard to get Andi, we all know you and Josh will tie the knot on ABC. They'd be foolish not to, really. Why pay for your own nuptials when you can have the network pick up the bill?

Having watched Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum get married and Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici walk down the aisle, I know a thing or two about Bachelor/Bachelorette weddings. Not only am I painfully aware that they're always two hours too long, but I know what's up when it comes to officiants, guests, rings, and the after-party. Ain't no party like a Bachelorette party because a Bachelorette party is filmed for TV and completely comped. So here are my ceremony ideas for Andi and Josh. If they use these seven tips, they can have a fairy tale wedding without spending a cent.


Without him, Andi could be married to Chris Bukowski right now because no one would have prevented him from walking into the mansion. Just for that, Harrison should get the minister slot, but also, he's the person who helped guide both Josh and Andi through their journey together. There's really no better person to help them enter the next phase of their lives.


As much as I knocked Sean and Catherine's "grown sexy" theme, it was pretty funny to try to watch them execute that. Perhaps Josh and Andi can go with a "scarves" theme in a fun nod to the season of stoles.


There's nothing worse than a Bachelor/Bachelorette who turns their back on what brought them together (*cough* Juan Pablo *cough*). It would be funny if Andi and Josh took some aspect of the show and carried it through to their wedding. They can make all the guests take lie detector tests, or have Andi give Josh a rose before they say I do. Or maybe their wedding portrait could be a giant version of the baseball cards Josh made as a present for Andi.


It's always fun to see the cast from over the seasons reunite. They all Instagram pictures together and pretend like none of them were ever vying for the same man/woman. No one does love like The Bachelor Family.


Look, Josh's dog Sabel is beyond adorable and their bond is what really won me over to Josh's side. Having her walk the aisle with the rings would be a super cute way of including Josh's four legged friend.


When Andi is off their air for good I'm going to miss her "staaahhpps"and y'alls and Grumpy Cat frowny faces. For her live wedding she should use a couple of them in a nod to the fans.


Sure, the vow exchange is lovely, but we want to see the newly married couple hang out with their friends. We don't need to see the whole reception but watching a little dancing and partying never hurt anyone.

And there you have it, Andi. I just gave you the recipe for a successful TV wedding and you didn't even have to pay me.

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