7 Reasons Lo Bosworth was the Most Underrated 'Laguna Beach' & 'The Hills' Cast Member

Though it feels like just yesterday, Laguna Beach began airing in 2004 and The Hills premiered in 2006 — So. Many. Years. Ago. So it’s no surprise that Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth decided to take a trip down memory lane by attending their 10-year high school reunion together on Saturday to remind themselves of all the fun (and also crappy) times they had as they became MTV actresses in the making.

While I can bet LC stole the show at the reunion, it was really nice to see that Bosworth was by her side. In fact, Bosworth has been the one friend who has always stuck it out with Conrad through both reality shows despite typically being recognized as a more minor character. A little bit quiet, but definitely the kindest character on the show, Bosworth is a seriously underrated Laguna Beach and The Hills castmate. Honestly, I think she should’ve had her own show.

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Her Advice Was On Point

She Understands How Important the Little Things Are

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She Was Always a Loyal Friend

We Love Animals and So Does She

No Matter What, She Always Listened To the Drama

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