What is Lo Bosworth Up to These Days

by Arielle Dachille

If I had to grab a drink with one person from The Hills, there's no question it would be Lo Bosworth. (A close second would be Spencer Pratt, just for the sheer entertainment of observing him in person.) Easily the chillest cast member, Lo was just kind of along for the ride, never getting involved with the drama, and always available for coffee. It's just occurring to me now, I kinda miss her! What has Lo Bosworth been up to?

Is she still sitting around in various cafes around LA, waiting for Lauren Conrad to call her up for a vent session? Actually, Bosworth has swapped the city of Angels for the The Big Apple. She told CBS News about moving to the big city, "Being in New York has taught me I'm allowed to wear whatever I want and feel good about that." We can only guess that this fashion metaphor speaks truly to her sense of self as well. But riddle me this: is she staying in the reality TV circuit or trying to start an acting career, as so many others have done before her?

Instead of cultivating a career as a television personality, Bosworth's making her way as a lifestyle expert with a flair for wordplay. In 2010, she launched "The Lo Down," a lifestyle blog that "combines the best of food with fashion and beauty" where you can track what she's been eating, drinking, wearing, and see the next purchases she's eyeing. In 2011, she also wrote a book of love and dating advice by the very same name, which was an Amazon Editor's Book of the Year. Adding further to her neo-Martha Stewart vibe, she also launched a brand called Revelry House dedicated to fashionable party-throwing in 2013, but its website has since become defunct.

Never fear. The Lo Down is still up and running. She even does haul videos, guys.

Her soliloquy on the therapeutic power of Sephora means that she gets us. Plus, she did a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial. This gal's got her finger on the pulse of society.

Also, she's become a classically-trained chef! In June, Bosworth graduated from the French Culinary Institute, and told CBS news she'd love to have a cooking show one day. Allow her to instruct you on the intricacies of making the perfect fish.

On the Insta-front, Bosworth's life is chockfull of perfectly put-together outfits...

food porn...

and the occasional priceless throwback photo.

LYLAS, girl. Don't ever change!