'RHOA' Conspiracy Theories Drive Kenya To Break Down, But Will She Give Up?

I thought that after Apollo admitted he lied about Kenya that those infidelity rumors would be over, but apparently they've just begun. Now that Nene is back in Atlanta, she's brought all sorts of accusations and theories back with her from Vegas. Based on what seems like absolutely no evidence, Nene claims that Kenya was actually in LA with Apollo, but he is lying in order to hurt Phaedra because he doesn't even care what's true and what's not — it's all about what will hurt someone's feelings the most.

Meanwhile, in a separate scene with Cynthia's husband, Peter, Apollo explained why he lied about Kenya's behavior. He says it was motivated by his fear — fear that their texting conversations (which he says did happen) would be construed in the wrong way, a way that would get him in "trouble" with his wife. So, he claims, in a panic he claimed that Kenya tried to offer oral sex.

And yet at the end, Apollo made a crack about Kenya coming to see him in prison that insinuated she'd be heading to prison for a conjugal visit? Maybe it's just gallows humor, but it seems like bad taste considering what he accused her of doing.

Nene may have a point about how and when Apollo brought this up — I mean, a more appropriate way would have been to tell Phaedra first, not blindside her with a huge announcement secondhand through shooting a reality TV episode. But Nene has adopted a scorched earth policy when it comes to friendship. She boldly proclaimed that she would never be friends with Cynthia again and went right back to calling Kenya a "ho."

As Kandi said, as far as they know, they were all wrong about Kenya, yet they've left "the scarlet letter" on her chest. But Kandi stuck up for what she thought was right both times, even though it won't get her any popularity votes among the other ladies. She even went so far as to tell Kenya that Nene was spreading this idea among the other women. Kenya even got emotional when confronted with the idea. Kandi seemed pretty blindsided by the whole emotional breakdown — she and Kenya aren't really close like that — but even once Kenya kicked out the camera, she patiently waited and comforted Kenya. Regardless of what's true or false, based on the evidence, the only person who comes out looking clean is Kandi Burruss-Tucker — who remains wayyyy too normal to be a Housewife.

Image: Wilford Harewood/Bravo; Giphy