Phaedra Owes Kenya an Apology on Latest 'RHOA,' But They Aren't Best Friends Just Yet

I know The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a reality show, but it's almost as if some writers decided to shake things up for Season 7. I guess it must be Apollo Nida, because he's been responsible for rearranging the whole stasis of the show in just two episodes. First he was arrested and sentenced to eight years in prison for fraud, then he admitted that all of the things he said about Kenya were lies, now Phaedra apologized to Kenya for all of the bullying she's been doing over the years. Shockingly, Phaedra actually felt horrible about what Apollo had done to her costar, even though so far she's seemed pretty unmoved by the idea that Apollo has been conning people and stealing from them for years. But this hit her surprisingly hard.

But now, could we be seeing a whole new world for RHOA? One where Cynthia's become the shadiest one of all, coming after Porsha like nobody's business, and isn't even friends with Nene anymore. Kandi is having relationship problems (however mild they may be)? Nene is actually working at a pretty steady gig? Crazy!

And Phaedra is not playing around when it comes to Apollo. She's already in the process of divorcing him, and she's a lawyer, so it will not be a painless process for him, as Apollo's lawyer explained to him. So she isn't going to be generous to his Kenya lies or give him the benefit of the doubt. Even though Nene points out that Kenya did encourage some of that hearsay by jumping into the pool with Apollo in Anguila, and talking to him when Phaedra asked them not to.

And Kenya is M-I-L-K-I-N-G the chance to stand on the moral high ground, but I can barely blame her! She's been called all manner of nasty names, had people accuse her of being a home wrecker, all these things, and it was 100% false. And Phaedra seemed really upset about Apollo's lies. She even looked like she was on the verge of tears a few times there. She said "Poor Kenya," you guys.

We didn't get to see any apology this week, and no hint of it in the preview for the next episode. And anytime Phaedra's been asked about Kenya in an interview, she's brushed it off by saying that she's trying to focus on her children right now. "I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive," was the entirety of her latest statement. Sure doesn't seem like Phaedra and Kenya are BFF's right now.

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