'Revenge' Revealed "Intel" On David Clarke, But He's Definitely Got More Secrets

How long will Revenge take to give us all the details we need about David Clarke — I'm also including Victoria and Emily in that "we" because, for once, I actually feel sorry for them. Ever since Revenge Season 4 premiered, we've all been haunted by the question of what really happened to David Clarke. And, thankfully, Sunday night's episode of Revenge , "Intel," revealed where David was hiding, a bit about who he's hiding from, and possibly how he ended up back in the Hamptons. The details are all incredibly shady, but we've at least got some proof that David Clarke isn't really the victim he's made himself out to be. So, what should Victoria and Emily do about these new details?

First of all, let's get this out into the open — no one really believed that David was trapped in that tomb all of this time. I mean, we are all intelligent Revenge fans and we all know that Conrad didn't keep David in there all of those years. Mostly because he was too busy being the biggest jerk in existence. So, that leaves us with the first question Revenge answered on Sunday night: Where was David Clarke while he was "dead?" Well, with Malcolm Black, of course.

Oh, you have no idea who Malcolm Black is? That's because we've never heard of him before but, apparently, Black smuggled David out of prison and up to Canada where he did his bidding until he could escape. You know, the standard money laundering to keep your young daughter from being killed type of story. Black is an arms dealer and, according to some digging Victoria did, David owes him a lot of money — which explains why he was attacked in her hospital room a few weeks ago. So, David's back out in the open and his name has been cleared, but he's still a wanted man by someone who might actually be more dangerous than the government.

Obviously this is a newsflash to Victoria and Emily — I mean, they didn't believe that David was really kidnapped the entire time either, but they definitely weren't expecting this. So, now what? It's obvious, from Sunday's episode, that Victoria and Emily are sticking by David — Victoria paid-off his debt and Emily literally tortured someone for his safety. Clearly, neither of them in deterred by David's actual dark past, but I really can't see them justifying any reason to trust this man. For all we know, David could be Malcolm Black and this is just an entirely new story he's made up.

Either way, David Clarke avoiding the truth when it comes to Victoria and Emily is bad news and he's going to take them down with him when this goes up in smoke.

Image: Revenge/Facebook