'The Walking Dead' Character Aaron Will Be The Show's First Male Gay Character, If Robert Kirkman's Hint Is Correct

It's official (sort of). Robert Kirkman slyly confirmed that Aaron from the comics will be on The Walking Dead this season. He didn't entirely spill the beans, but he gave enough of a detail for those who read the comics. On The Talking Dead, Kirkman meant to confirm that Daryl Dixon is not gay (as was previously reported), but he also slipped and let us know that the show will have an LGBT character in 2015. A "gay character from the comics" will be coming after the break. And considering we seem to be working towards the Alexandria Safe-Zone, it just has to be Aaron.

For the uninitiated, here's the short and sweet Walking Dead wikia description of Aaron:

Aaron is a character first encountered in Issue 67 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone community, formally [sic] working as a recruiter. He worked with Eric, who was his work partner and boyfriend.

It seems that Aaron is the next person the group encounters and if the comics are any indication, non-comic viewers will be uncertain of his allegiance for the first encounter or two. Sounds like Dawn may have been in place to help us hone our villian-or-friend assessment skills.

And while Kirkman was clearly excited to (sort of) announce the more inclusive addition to The Walking Dead, he did take a moment to make it clear that he and the show's writers did, for a time, consider that Daryl Dixon could be gay. He noted that the decision to definitively call Daryl straight, which Kirkman did on The Talking Dead, was not because the network wasn't supportive. (I'm guessing that, instead, it may have something to do with the vigilant Carol-Daryl 'shippers all around the world.)