17 Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Grown-Up Disney Fan In Your Life (Or, You Know, Yourself)

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...for re-watching all your favorite Disney movies until you can't open your mouth without trying to communicate through song. As we've all started to grow up and come into our own, we Disney fans realize that there is one thing about ourselves that we can never change: even adults can't help loving Disney. And you'll find, if you ever hazard to start humming Let It Go to yourself in a crowded Costco, that you're not alone in this. (I watched a woman accidentally start a spontaneous singing party outside of a food sample stall and it is still one of the top-ranked moments of my human existence.)

The good part about being a Disney fan in your adult life is that you tend to attract other Disney fans like an aggressively peppy magnet, and it makes your holiday shopping a whole lot easier. You always know when you find the perfect gift for a fellow Disney fan because it's usually a gift that you are hoping comes with a discount if you happen to want to buy an extra for yourself (no judgment). But just in case you needed a little nudge this year, here are some foolproof gift ideas for any grown-up Disney fan in your life.

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