9 Things To Never Say To an Adult Disney Fan

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There's an unfortunate assumption that Disney is just for kids. I get where it comes from; the company is best known for a talking mouse, animated fairy tales, and a theme park that lets you ride a flying elephant. But despite all that (or maybe because of), there are plenty of adults out there who love Disney and will continue to, no matter how old they get. However, some people who have lost their love for Disney as they've grown up — or never had it in the first place — just can't wrap their heads around how a grown-up could continue enjoying Disney movies, theme parks, and everything else it offers.

Just like there's no reason to be embarrassed to read YA fiction or cheer from the first row of a One Direction concert, there's no shame in loving Disney. Unfortunately, rather than chalk it up to the normal human phenomenon of different people having different interests, some Disney haters just can't let it go (and probably rolled their eyes at that phrase). I can't be the only Disney-loving adult who's fielded more than their fair share of questions and comments that range from innocently annoying to downright rude.

Here are some things that grown-up Disney fans never want to hear again and should really just go the way of Mufasa (R.I.P.).

"Aren't You Too Old for Disney?"

Let's just address this one right off the bat, because it's the most frequent offender. The answer is no and always will be no. Walt Disney himself famously envisioned Disneyland as a place where both adults and kids could have fun, so really people like me are just helping his achieve his dreams. You're welcome, Walt, sorry about the haters.

"Adults Who Like Disney Are Weird"

This one comes courtesy of Google, or rather the people who googled this phrase enough to make it a search suggestion. Maybe you're the weird ones for repeatedly googling this random opinion you have, when you could be out doing fun things, like, oh I don't know, VISITING THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH.

"Oh You're Going To Disney? I Haven't Been There in Years"

Well that sucks for you, doesn't it? This one isn't what's being said as much as how it's being said. Like not going to Disney since that middle school trip is a badge of honor. Instead of being proud of this fact, people should be really sad about all of the fun new rides they haven't tried and the fact that they missed the distinctly adult-only experience of getting drunk around the world in EPCOT.

"It's Just Too Crowded"

You know what? I change my mind about this one. Say it as much as you want. The more people who think the Disney parks are "too crowded," the less who will actually go and realize that going as an adult means significantly less lines. Why is that? Because Disney World is crowded when kids don't have school. When you're going as an adult without kids, you can visit in the middle of the school year when the parks are the least crowded. Oh and since you don't have a bedtime anymore, you can stay out late and go on your favorite rides about five times each when all the families with kids leave (pro tip).

"The Princesses Are Such Bad Role Models"

Do Disney movies have some problematic tendencies? Absolutely, for both boys and girls. However that doesn't make them exclusively bad and most of the movies have important, beneficial lessons to teach kids. Some even have feminist moments, and I'm not just talking about Brave and Frozen. And one of the good things about seeing Disney movies as an adult is the ability to recognize both the good and bad messages and consider the effect they might have on future generations.

"You Know Animals Can't Really Talk, Right?"

You don't say! No wonder my dog didn't answer when I asked her how she felt about this year's Emmy nominees.

"Good Luck Finding a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Who's Into Disney"

First of all, who says both people in a relationship need to have the exact same interests? Second of all, adult Disney fans don't need luck, we'll just go to Disneyland/World and find a fellow fan. I'm pretty sure finding love in front of Cinderella's castle beats whatever story anyone rude enough to say this has with their significant other.

"I Did Enjoy Frozen"

Well duh, so did pretty much everyone else in the world. If you rewatch some of the classic Disney movies, I'm sure you'd enjoy them just as much.

"You Need To Grow Up"


Now excuse me, while you're off shunning all things Disney and having no fun in the name of maturity, I'll be listening to "Under the Sea," eating Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes, and enjoying every damn minute of it.

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