'Better Call Saul' Teaser Shows the Awesomeness of 'Breaking Bad's Favorite Tough Guy — VIDEO

There's still time for any latecomers who haven't yet boarded the Better Call Saul train to wise up and move beyond the torture-filled glory days of Walter White. But after viewing all of the awesome teasers released for the show thus far, I'm not sure why anyone would still have reservations about the potential of the Breaking Bad spinoff. Just in case there are any stragglers who still need convincing, the latest Better Call Saul teaser featuring tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut should do the trick. The fact that a character like Mike who wasn't always a part of the main storyline can be brought to the forefront is a testament to just how layered and rich the original characters were.

Now, I'm not suggesting that I would be completely opposed to a Walter White appearance. In fact, these teasers are making me want to curl up with a bowl of something and binge watch Breaking Bad. But the impact that the supporting characters had on the show was a huge reason why I believed in the prequel spinoff from the start. First off, Saul is friggin' hilarious, not to mention a complete hot mess of an attorney, yet somehow still effective. If producers were interested, several of the other supporting characters like Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, Skyler White, and Hank Schrader are well-developed and complex enough to star in spinoffs of their own, although actor Dean Norris likely wouldn't be involved.

But for now, I'm satisfied with learning more about the constantly exasperated, steely-faced Ehrmantraut and how his relationship with Goodman developed, but I still have questions. The clip reveals how the disheveled attorney and the no-nonsense cleanup man first met, but will the show explore more of Ehrmantraut's personal life and the bond with his granddaughter and how he became involved with the criminal underworld? Hopefully we'll have a better idea on February 8, which kicks off Better Call Saul 's two-part, two-night premiere.Check out the latest clip below:

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Image: AMC