The Most Popular Men In Every State, According To The Women Of Lulu

If finding a good guy among a sea of bad daters is like finding a diamond in the rough, Lulu is here to hand you that diamond on a silver platter. The dating app has found the most popular men in every state based on ratings from millions of women across the country. Often called "the Yelp of dating," Lulu allows women to anonymously rate and review their hookups using a variety of pre-selected hashtags. These hashtags are then placed into "Best" and "Worst" categories to determine an overall score between one and 10. The men crowned the most popular in each state have all received above an eight on the scale, except for the those in Delaware and Alaska, but we'll give them them a free pass considering the relatively small populations of their states.

With over five million downloads, Lulu's respectable number of users certainly lends some credibility to its ratings. More importantly, these are the ratings of women who know the individuals in question, so you can presumably trust that when they say a man is "#NotADick," they're telling the truth. Of course, there's still the issue of whether these hashtags are accurate representations of a decent man. Many of them, including #BedroomEyes or #SomeSeriousBling, seem like subjective indicators of desirability. When I think of someone I'm interested in pursuing, for instance, #CanBuildFires doesn't exactly come to mind.

Still, the men had to pass a variety of criteria in order to achieve their "most popular" status, so even if your state's "chosen one" isn't to your liking, it's nice to know that there are at least 50 men out there who women find dateable. Here's a graphic, courtesy of Lulu and Business Insider, of these top 50 men:

The highest rankings among all 50 states came from Illinois, Texas, Oregon, and Washington D.C. You can view their profiles below.

1. Adithya Sairam, 19

State: Illinois

Average Lulu Score: 9.7

Rates High In: Manners

College/Occupation: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Student

Hashtags: #AlwaysPays; #MakesMeLaugh; #WillHelpYouMove; #DoesDishes; #RemembersBirthdays

2. Regan McConnell, 25

State: Texas

Average Lulu Score: 9.7

Rates High In: Ambition

College/Occupation: Collin County Community College District; Vocalist

Hashtags: #Man'sMan; #WorkEthic; #TallDarkAndHandsome; #OneOfTheGoodOnes; #DoesHisOwnLaundry

3. Sean Robertson, 21

State: Oregon

Average Lulu Score: 9.6

Rates High In: Ambition

College/Occupation: Santa Barbara City College; Student

Hashtags: #AlwaysHappy; #CanBuildFires; #Man'sMan; #SelfMadeMan; #FlowersJustBecause

4. Danny Razore, 25

State: Washington D.C.

Average Lulu Score: 9.5

Rates High In: Look & Style

College/Occupation: University of Washington; Entrepreneur

Hashtags: #AInAnatomy; #CleansUpGood; #Wantsbebes; #WillActSilly; #HotFriends

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Images: Courtesy of Lulu (6)