These 10 Holiday-Themed Vines Will Boost Your Christmas Spirit In Six Seconds or Less

Ahh, the holidays. A glorious time of year with an overarching theme of love, compassion, and effortlessly spreadable joy (Nutella should have contracted me by now). There are many ways to celebrate. You may have a small get together and look forward to a calm, quiet gift exchange, a modest meal, and a whole lot of wine. You may have a large gathering, with the hum of conversation filling the room, a massive dinner table filled with adults, children and animals in gaudy sweaters, and enough food that you typically fast two days prior. Maybe you prefer a destination holiday, leaving the dreary snow and creeping chill behind in favor of an exotic foray to someplace new. After all, Santa knows no bounds.

The month of December is known for its vast number of worldwide holidays. From African Kwanzaa to Scottish Hogmanay, people across the planet spend this month celebrating. We get time off. We get an excuse to overeat. We get to wear comfy sweaters and tacky leggings and bask in the absolute bliss that is a warm night in when it's freezing cold out. But what's the very best part? Finding humor in the season with friends, family and complete strangers over social media, of course.

Whether you've been blaring festive tunes during your commute since October or if you're just beginning to feel obligated to pull out that cheap plastic pre-lit tree that's been hiding in storage since last December (there are two kinds of people), the following clips will enlarge your Grinchy heart in a pinch. This kindred spirit is here to spread overwhelming enthusiasm, holiday cheer and the sacred art of the derp face. Here are the 10 of the best holiday-themed Vines on the Internet.

Remember that one night at the club? No? Well, Santa does.


Reasons to opt for an artificial tree:

1. Saving the planet.

2. Reducing fire risk.

3. A rabies-free holiday?

Buddy the elf: the one and only purveyor of Christmas tree aerobics.

Wonder how he takes his coffee.

First-world holiday problems.

*Penguin considers his life choices as his tail feathers twerk in unison. Is not a Belieber.*

Holiday puns are highly underrated.

This guy got it so right.

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