Who Is Jason Aldean's Fiancee? Brittany Kerr Has a Lot More Going on Than That Scandal

Jason Aldean has had a tumultuous past two years to say the least. Aldean was married to his high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery for 12 years. The former couple have two daughters Keeley, 11, and Kendyl, 6, and divorced in April 2013. However, Aldean's world was rocked by scandal in September 2012, when pictures surfaced of him kissing a woman named Brittany Kerr. This erupted into a major controversy for Aldean and Kerr and their image as a couple was tainted in the public eye. Flash forward to September 2014 with Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr not only still happily together, but engaged.

For the record, I am not condoning adultery by any means. However, it should be said that no one knows what a relationship is truly like except for the two people in it. You cannot control the order in which you meet people and when you fall in love. Kerr was not married to anyone when she got together with Aldean and none of us really know her side of the story in this whole mess. Other than the spotlight of this relationship, Kerr is a relative unknown, but there has to be more to her than this extramarital affair. Who is the woman behind the headlines?

She Dances

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Kerr, a Charlotte, North Carolina native, was an NBA dancer for the Charlotte Bobcats from 2011 to 2012. She's said her favorite song to dance to was "Show Stopper" by Danity Kane.

She Sings

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Kerr was rejected by Jennifer Lopez during American Idol Season 10 auditions, but got a vote of confidence from both Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler.

She Models

Well, obviously, Kerr is beautiful so she's putting those looks to good use by posing for some modeling photos.

She Loves Animals

Kerr is always taking pictures with her dogs to post on Instagram and talking about her love of animals. She even horseback rides, swims with dolphins, and loves elephants and monkeys.

She is a Black Belt

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Kerr is a first degree black belt. I sure as hell would not hate on her knowing she has that skill!

She was in a Music Video

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The singer/dancer/model/black belt stared in Orion's 12-minute-long music video for the song "Watch You Fall" in 2012. 12 minutes? Wow, that's a lot of Brittany Kerr.

She Loves her Mama

When asked about the person she admires most, Brittany Kerr said, "My mother — she is able to work, clean, raise children, and maintain a household! She is amazing."

I understand the tendency for the media and the public to give Kerr a hard time for how her relationship started with Aldean, but she can't take that back now. She's a multi-talented woman who we barely know — not that any of us actually know celebrities nor their love interests, but you get my point. She should be given a chance instead of immediately villainized.

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