When Did 'The Little Couple' Adopt Will & Zoey? Bill & Jen's Family Is Happier Than Ever

Over the past seven seasons of The Little Couple , we've seen Bill Klein and Jen Arnold go from from a new couple moving to Texas to accomplished professionals with a strong network of family and friends. We've also seen how much Bill and Jen wanted to add to their family for years by adopting two children, Will and Zoey. Everything was covered on the show, so the audience got to watch as Bill and Jen fulfilled their lifelong dream of becoming parents. They were able to go to China to adopt Will in early 2013, and by October of 2013, Bill and Jen found out that they would be able to go to India and adopt their second child, a daughter named Zoey.

But it wasn't a quick road to parenthood for The Little Couple — before pursuing adoption, the Klein-Arnolds attempted to conceive a child themselves, and later, tried surrogacy. Unfortunately, they didn't have any success and thus moved on to adoption. Bill and Jen had to apply through an organization called Rainbow Kids back in 2012, and weren't approved for over a year. But now that they have Will and Zoey, and Jen is officially in remission following her battle with cancer, the family has plenty of time to do what they do best: be adorable.

Learning How to Swing

This swinging lesson may only be six-and-a-half seconds long, but everything about it is too cute for words. A milestone in every kid's life is when they finally master the swing set.

This Tea Party

This may be the sweetest thing I've ever seen from The Little Couple. Jen is fully recovered from her cancer and able to spend time playing dress-up with Zoey.

Living Room Photo Shoots

Bill and Jen built themselves a dream home where everything is customized so they don't have to rely on stepstools or have trouble reaching anything and their kids — who also both have skeletal dysplasia, the name for their type of dwarfism — don't have to grow up in a house where they feel different.

All Different Kinds of Smiles

Probably what makes this family so easy to watch is that they all seem genuinely happy. There are only so many reality TV stars who can really say the show has merely witnessed their family bonds get stronger as the years have gone by.

Images: TLC (3)